Behind the scenes with the Stuttgart Ballet

Behind the scenes with the Stuttgart Ballet


Monday, February 2rd: Opening with Tamas Detrich: rehearsal of The Sleeping Beauty
Tuesday, February 4th: Class with Marc Ribaud and dancers of the Stuttgart Ballet
Wednesday, February 5th: Louis Stiens rehearses his new piece
Thursday, February 6th: 25 years of Stuttgart Ballet history: a conversation with James Tuggle and Vivien Arnold
Friday, February 7th: Martin Schläpfer rehearses his new piece
Saturday, February 8th: John Cranko School (mat) / Luigi Bonino rehearses Le Jeune Homme et la Mort (eve)
Sunday, February 9th: John Cranko School (mat/eve)

Further productions this season


Ballet by Kenneth MacMillan
Triple Bill


Galili / Inger / Khan
Triple Bill

Creations I – III

Novitzky / Heise / Adorisio