Triple Bill

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Triple Bill

Pure Bliss

Out of Breath
Aurora's Nap
The Triple Bill showcases the many talents of the Swedish Choreographer Johan Inger. Light-footed and carefree, carried by Keith Jarrett's “The Köln Concert”, the dancers in Johan Inger's Bliss inhabit the stage. As if not only the jazz pianist had improvised his legendary concert, but also the dancers had come up with the appropriate movements just at that moment. As the music unfolds a mesmerizing power in all its nonchalance, the individuals on stage find strength in community and the equilibrium between freedom and togetherness.

While Inger's Bliss revels in a lighthearted state of being, Out of Breath illustrates just how precious such moments are. Life and death are only a hair’s breadth apart. On stage, the border between this world and the next is explored along a curved wall. Six dancers circle and climb it, balance on it and struggle with it. To stirring violin music, the ballet explores the fragility of life.

The plot of The Sleeping Beauty and her 100-year sleep is well known. Time for a comedy that takes the classical ballet based on the famous fairy tale for a ride! To a best-of of Peter Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty music, Johan Inger created Aurora’s Nap, a delightful persiflage for the Stuttgart Ballet. Beginning in "old times", Sleeping Beauty wakes up in the present day and is confronted with a modern prince. In the process, the rebellious princess dances on her parents' (and everyone else's) noses, while the prince, suffering from world-weariness, goes to the Lilac Fairy for a therapy session. Inger has left no stone unturned to provide for laughs – lovingly crafted and with a deep knowledge and respect for the original ballet.

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Triple bill


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