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Stuttgarter Ballett

MAY 2013

Stuttgarter Ballett, Photo: Roman Novitzky
Friedemann Vogel in Mopey (Marco Goecke)
(Foto: Roman Novitzky)
Finally it was time for the big gala last night - 3 acts, 3 hours of dance ranging from classical to modern. The audience particularly loved the modern pieces and cheered the dancers again with great enthusiasm. The dancers once again performed at the top of their abilities and didn’t let the raked stage effect them one little bit.
Today the second gala takes place and then the company has a well earned week off to rest from all the excitement and hard work. We had a wonderful time here and are especially grateful to the staff and crew of the Bolshoi which was so supportive and fun to work with.
See you soon in Stuttgart!

Photo Diary part 7: Preparations for the gala
See all Photos in our Moscow Tour Gallery
Stuttgarter Ballett
Auditorium at the New Stage (Photo: private)
Today - Saturday - the weather is rainy and cool ...
The dancers and stage crew are up very early for the dress rehearsal of the gala which takes place tonight on the "new stage".
This stage was built for use during the 6 years the "traditional" stage was closed for renovation and is still used by the Bolshoi Ballet and Opera for performances. As opposed to the traditional stage which can be placed either flat or raked, the new stage is raked. This is a big challenge for the dancers but they have mastered the rake and the stage beautifully.
Now everyone is resting for the gala and we are all very interested to see how the audience will react to the modern pieces on the program!

We'll let you know tomorrow!

Photo Diary part 6: Second performance of Romeo
See all Photos in our Moscow Tour Gallery

Stuttgarter Ballett, Photo: Roman Novitzky
Stage Manager Ekki Kleine in his workplace
during the performance (Photo: Roman Novitzky)
The second performance of Romeo and Juliet took place last night and once again we were performing for a sold out house! Maria Eichwald and Jason Reilly took the audience by storm and received tremendous applause as did the whole company which once again poured their entire emotions and abilities into their roles. Especially moving was the applause for Alexander Zaitsev as Mercutio who - as a native of Moscow and a graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet School - returned to the stage on which his dancing career began. He received cheers and long applause.

For our tireless technical crew- the unseen heroes of this tour! - yesterday was another long day as they began setting up in the "New Theatre" for the Gala on Saturday during the day, ran the performance of Romeo on the "Traditional Stage" in the evening and began the load out of the Romeo set immediately following the performance. Today they continue the set up in the New Theatre and tonight we have the first stage rehearsal for the Gala! The wardrobe department is also very busy, carefully packing up all the Romeo costumes and preparing for the Gala.

And through it all, the staff and crew of the Bolshoi have been absolutely wonderful, helpful and supportive and - which is truly inspiring - very admiring of the Stuttgart Ballet. Spasibo bolshoi!

Photo Diary part 5: Premiere of Romeo and Juliet at the Bolshoi
See all Photos in our Moscow Tour Gallery
Stuttgarter Ballett, Photo: Roman Novitzky
Stage rehearsal Romeo and Juliet
(Photo: Roman Novitzky)
Dear Stuttgarters,

Last night was the incredible premiere of John Cranko's Romeo and Juliet at the Bolshoi Theater – the first time this famous ballet was danced in Russia. The premiere was attended by the German Ambassador to Russia and the Generalintendant of the Bolshoi Theater.

The entire company poured their hearts into the performance and delivered a spectacular show in which everything was just perfect. Especially Alicia Amatriain and Friedemann Vogel danced at the very top of their form and used every inch of this grand stage! The audience responded with cheers and ovations and the whole company went to bed very tired but happy.

Photos will come tomorrow! All the best to all of you from all of us here in Moscow!

Photo Diary part 4: We're having a premiere tonight
See all Photos in our Moscow Tour Gallery
Stuttgarter Ballett, Photo: Roman Novitzky
View from the stage - absolutelybreathtaking!
(Photo: Roman Novitzky)
On Monday evening we had glorious weather and everyone used this opportunity to do a little sightseeing after rehearsals were over as it stays light so long here. Wandering across the Red Square small groups of dancers met up and marveled at the sights before moving on.

On Tuesday work resumed with the dancers becoming a bit more used to taking class in a studio with a raked floor. This is in preparation for the gala on Saturday because in the "new" theatre the floor is raked. The newly renovated "traditional stage" boasts a state of the art system by which the stage can be set either flat OR raked. So for Romeo we will be using the stage flat. The technical crew and especially the lighting crew are still hard at work for many long hours to continue setting up and to input all the lighting cues. Tonight is the first rehearsal with the orchestra so we will all be hard at work until late tonight. It is a "goosebumps" moment to stand on this stage and look out at this magnificent theater which houses so much history.

Lots of love to all our fans in Stuttgart!

Photo Diary part 3: Impressions from Moscow
Stuttgarter Ballett, Photo: privat
Georgettes Tsinguirides,Myriam Simon and Evan
 McKie in the studio: with a rake of 5 % !
Our first day is almost over ... first we all had to find our way in this huge and extraordinary theater! The building which houses the stage is connected to the administrative building by a glass "bridge" and there are many hallways and many, many stairwells. The dancers took class and rehearsed Romeo and Juliet and pieces for the gala. One of the studios has a rake of 5%!!! This is a big challenge for our dancers, who are used to working and performing on a flat stage.
Now it is time to explore a little and eat ... the sun is shining and it stays light very long so that ought to be fun.

Regards to all in Stuttgart!

Photo Diary part 2: Arrival at the Bolshoi
See all Photos in our Moscow Tour Gallery
Stuttgarter Ballett, Photo: Yuri Gubin
Bolshoi Theatre (c)Yuri Gubin/fotolia
Hello everyone!
Greetings from Moscow. After a long trip (bus, plane, bus) we finally arrived at our fabulous hotel and in spite of the rain and cold many tour members went out to eat the local food.
Today is gloriously sunny: but the dancers are in the studio and the technik onstage building the set and the costume staff is busy unpacking the costumes so no sightseeing yet!
From Russia with love!
Your Stuttgart Ballet!

Photo Diary part 1: Off to Moscow!
See all Photos in our Moscow Tour Gallery


Stuttgarter Ballett
Going home
After a last, much applauded, performance of The Lady of the Camellias with Alicia Amatriain and Jason Reilly dancing Marguerite and Armand, at the National Center for the Performing Arts the Company is heading back home to Stuttgart. The sets and costumes have been packed, they will follow us by ship.
This tour went by so fast, it is hard to believe how much has been done in the course of two short weeks only. Everyone just adapted to the time change, learned the ways inside the theatre and found out where to fin a hot meal in the streets of Beijing late at night after a long working day , and now we are already leaving. But at the same tine we’re looking forward to going home, most of all to seeing our Stuttgart audiences again at the next performances (Onegin!) in the Opera House.

Thanks to all of you who virtually accompanied us on our journey, and see you soon!
The Stuttgart Ballet, 11.11.2012

photo diary part 08: Last performance in Beijing and journey back home
All from Beijing in the photo gallery!
>> Klick here

Stuttgarter Ballett
The technical staff backstage
e-mail from… the stage (Axel Schob)
I have been travelling to theatres all over the world with the Stuttgart Ballet since 1992, and still every tour is a whole new adventure! Me and my colleagues are in charge of all sets, requisite and technical equipment arrive safely and in time at the theatre we’re guesting in, that after our performances everything we brought gets back home, and that everything is set up right and works perfectly in our temporary home theatre abroad. The requirements can be very different depending on the piece we’re touring with. The Lady of the Camellias – from our point of view - is marked by the many costumes that need to be transported, the delicate sets and the very elaborated lighting.
Especially for the full lenght story ballets, you need a lot of equipment which we usually transport by ship. One way from Stuttgart to Asia by ship takes about 6 weeks, which means that weeks before the company starts their journey we need to prepare, pack and load everything. Because many of our flightcases, boxes and sets are special designs and not standardised, loading them into containers feels a little bit like a bit Tetris game: We try to fit every piece in exactly so we do not waste a centimeter and everything stays perfectly in place.
A very big part of my work also is the declaration for customs of the entire transport. I am glad that The Lady of the Camellias doesn’t include any shooting or swordfighting – other than John Cranko’s "Onegin" or his "Romeo and Juliet" for example. Whenever weapons have to be shipped that means extra fun at the customs!

This time we’re travelling with nine colleagues from Stuttgart for technics and requisite, and four more colleagues for the lighting. Once everyone and everything has arrived in place, the next part of our work can begin: The technical setup on stage. We try to plan the installation of the sets, the construction of our facilities backstage and the lighting setup in advance as exactly as possible, as all this has to be coordinated with the company’s rehearsal time on stage, of course. In the end it depends on our accuracy f the curtains can rise in time… And when everybody else’s work is done we are still busy preparing the stage for the next day, or packing in each and every light, costume case, wardrobe tent in for the journey home to Stuttgart. Just like today.

Axel Schob, 10.11.2012

photo diary part 07: Second performance in Beijing
Stuttgarter Ballett
e-mail from… the costume department (Susanne Klein)
For us, the touring staff of the costume department, „The Lady of the Camellias“ is a real challenge. There is hardly any ballet in our repertory that has so many and so elaborate costumes, so many quick changes, such a big corps de ballet. To put such a production on stage in a new theatre requires a lot of transport containers, a lot of effort, a lot of experience… and each time a wonderful sense of achievement when everything worked out once more!
About one hundred costumes are on stage in the course of one performance of The Lady of the Camellias, including also gloves, hats, jewelry, masks and many other accessoires. The female mein role of Maruerite Gautier alone wears 12 different costumes in one night, some of them need to be changed within less than a minute. In such circumstances, every move has to be automatic.
On the vast back of the stage, the stage director had big black party tents installed for us, because for most of the changes the dancers d not have enough time to make the long ways to their wardrobe. Within the company people already joke about our little party village backstage… After the performances we need to wash, dry and iron all of the costumes for the next evening, and in between the single stations of the tour everything need to be stored and packed with perfect accuracy, so at the next stop you find everything you need quickly.

We came here with ten colleagues of the costume department from Stuttgart, and we’re being superted by Chinese aids in the cities we travel to. It feels a little bit like playing on an advanced sharade to communicate with each other using hands and feet only. When we travel, our hosts are often impressed y the quality and the richness of the costumes designed by Jürgen Rose and handmade in the facilities of the Staatstheater Stuttgart – especially in China this means a wonderful compliment, as the Chinese are famous for beautiful fabric and gifted tailors.
Obvioulsy there isn’t much time left for sighseeing, but we made it to the Bund in Shanghai and to the silk market in Beijing, and to see these metropoles glittering in the night is a fascinating sight! One of the most impressive architectural sights, the National Center for the Performing Arts, we get to know from the inside now.

Susanne Klein, 8.11.2012

Stuttgarter Ballett
The National Center for the
Performing Arts in Beijing

Two bus rides and two hours on a plane took the Stuttgart Ballet company to Beijing, where it has snowed until the day before! That means: getting out the wintercoats for everyone, and then go out and get to know the new surrounding. The city is beautifully decorated and you see a lot of police and military around because of the party conference of the communist party these days.
Especially finding our ways in the National Center for the Performing Arts needs a little time and practice. The company starts technical setup and rehearsals in the huge theatre. Tamas Detrich and the six Principal Dancers who perform the main roles of Marguerite Gautier and Armand Duval in the three performances in Beijing are presented to the press in the evening.
All of us are looking forward to some exciting days here in Bejing!

photo diary part 06: Travelling on to Beijing
See all photos from Beijing in full size in the photo gallery >> klick here

Stuttgarter Ballett
Richard Gilmore and David Moore
E-Mail from… the physio therapists
(Richard Gilmore)

For me and my colleague Gretus Mossig as physio-therapists, touring with the Stuttgart Ballet is always a special challenge. For a few weeks, we feel responsible for the wellbeing of a big group of artists and staff members who have to perform on a very high level under very unfamiliar circumstances. Because – differently than at home – there are no other doctors or therapists around, we are always the first to be in charge of any type of health issues – from the dancers' muscles to the technicians' cold and the pianists' broken fingernail. I try to be prepared for everything, and always carry two big suitcases with equipment and medicine. Also two transportable massage chairs are part of our tour equipment – unluckily the smaller tour version of this can’t be changed in height and I’m sometimes forced to stand bent over for many hours… there are evenings when I wish I could go see the physiotherapist for a massage myself!
Here in China, we have to adapt to the long distances inside the huge theatres. The ways between the studios, backstage and the little physio-room we moved into are very long, which is why we often do the treatments right in the studio or next to the stage instead of going to our treatment rooms. But the biggest difference to home from physio-therapist’s point of view are surely the very hard floors in the studio and on stage here. The ground in Shanghai was also partly uneven. Dancing on hard floors is very hard on the dancers’ muscles, and the uneven ground can be dangerous for the anchles. Actually I spend a lot more time sitting on the ground massaging legs these days than standing at my massage bench. So we’re very busy, but I love these journeys a lot! You experience so many new things, and I like spending so much time together with my colleages.
The first time I came to Shanghai was in the 80s, and when I then came back in 2002 I could hardly recognize any of the buildings I’d known in between all the new ones. This time, everything has changed even more. Now I am excited to go to Beijing and see what’s there is to discover!


photo diary part 05: Second performance in Shanghai
See all photos in full size in the photo gallery >> klick here

Stuttgarter Ballett
e-mail from… the make-up-department
(Jörg Müller)

Many regards from all of us down here ion floor B1 of the Shanghai Grand Theatre! This is where we established the make-up-department for our performances in Shanghai, and thanks to a lot of experience with touring we travel well equiped and already made ourselves at home. We are quite busy as the rehearsals, performances and also changes between the theatres in Shanghai and Beijing happen in the course of a few days only, but we could make time to go up the huge Hyatt-tower – so we’ve seen all of Shanghai, at least from above! 
As always on tour, there are a lot of surprises and we need to improvise somtimes. First of all we needed to find extra chairs to put them on top of each other in the make-up rooms; we are just so much taller than most Chinese that we need several chairs to sit high enough and stand up straight behind the chairs. We came here with six colleagues from Stuttgart and are supported by seven chinese aids. One challenge for them was to learn the complicated russian hairdesigns for the ladies, which are of course not at all common in the theatre here. We are totally impressed by how these seven can do anything with one hand only: hair, make-up, anything – because the other hand is always sure to carry their mobile phone!
We’re looking forward to some more exciting days, and sending best regards home.

photo diary part 04: Premiere in Shanghai
Before the performances at the Shanghai International Arts Festival, the company was introduced to the Press at the Porsche Center Shanghai. „Many years ago the Stuttgart Ballet was the very first western ballet company to perform here“, Tamas Detrich remembers at this occasion, „and as we know now we then saw the beginning of what is reality today – an artistic friendship between two nations.“
„We will be introducing two casts in Shanghai, and you will definintely not see a copy of the first show in the second one, but very special artists who show all they’ve learned and what they feel on stage“ Tamas Detrich announces. „There are simply no words to describe what Sue Jin and Marijn can do, and the same is true about Alicia and Jason. This ballet „The Lady of the Camellias“ starts at the heart, and we hope it will go straight to your hearts.“

photo diary part 03: before the first performance
See all photos in full size in the photo gallery >> klick here

Stuttgarter Ballett
Roman Novitzky,
Fotocopyright: Sébastien Galtier
Hello and nihao!
Greetings to everyone from our tour to Shanghai and Bejing. As a demi-soloist with the Stuttgart Ballet, this is my third visit to China with the company. After going to Beijing in 2009 and Macao in 2011 this is my very first visit to Shanghai. I really like the place, it is a very modern, open city, with a lot different sides to discover for me.
I experience this new city and the new theatre mainly through the lense of my camera, and I will show you some of my pictures in the daily tour diary to give you an impression, too. Most of the time I am busy rehearsing and preparing the shows, though, as The Lady of the Camellias keeps everyone busy. I also have a lot to dance, in one show I have to change costume four times! Rehearslas are going well and we're looking forward to the performances, I hope people here will enjoy our shows!
Many regards,

photo diary part 02: starting rehearsals
See all photos in full size in the photo gallery >> klick here

On day 1 of our stay in Shanghai the Company starts rehearsal in the Shanghai Grand Theatre, all sets and costumes are being moved into the theatre, lighting and technical preparations on stage take place, the Chinese extras rehearse and have their costume fittings, and in the evening, the Stuttgart Ballet is presented to the Chinese media in a press conference at the nearby Porsche Center. So we're having a busy day - luckily after a good nights sleep. We are looking forward to an exciting week in beautiful sunny Shanghai!
Roman Novitzky accompanies the Tour with his camera, so there will be more photos tomorrow. Here come some first impressions from our journey:
photo diary part 01: journey to Shanghai (photos: Roman Novitzky)
See all photos in full size in the photo gallery >> klick here
On Wednesday Morning we arrived safely (but tired) in Shanghai. We are received very friendly – already on the airplane we were greeted over the speakers: „We are happy to have the Stuttgart Ballet on board!“ Well, we were surely happy to be on board, too. It is sunny and quite warm here, and we will have a brief look around before going to the studios of the Shanghai Grand Theatre this afternoon for the first time. You can see the amazing theatre building from our hotel! The long flight and the jetlag is still in our bodies, so all the dancers are looking forward to this first class, stretch the muscles and get ready for some exciting days here in China. We’ll be back with more news and photos, thank you for joining us on our journey!

Stuttgarter Ballett
The company in class at our guest theatre. photo: Roman Novitzky

On October 30th, 2012, the Stuttgart Ballet is leaving for a China tour. The Company will dance John Neumeier's "The Lady of the Camellias" in Shanghai (at the Shanghai International Arts Festival) and Beijing (at the National Centre for the Performing Arts)!
From day 1 of this journey until the return to Stuttgart on November 11th, 2012, we will post short texts, photos and impressions of dancers and staff members here - so we can virtually take you on our trip to China!

JUNE 2012


Stuttgarter Ballett
After three performances of The Lady of the Camellias for an unbelievable audience and beautiful days spent with our hosts in sunny Seoul, we now packed our bags and go home to Stuttgart today. How fast did these three weeks on tour go by...?!?
Thanks again to everybody for the warm welcome and the nice time we had, we're very happy and will never forget the experiences we were allowed to make!

While we're sad to go and say goodbye for now, it is also nice to go home - there's a lot to do before summer break: We're up to two more shows of The Lady and the Fool/Gaîté Parisienne (June 29 / 30), preparing the goodbye-Gala for our Resident Choreographer Christian Spuck (July 7th) and bringing Cranko's Onegin back on stage, with Public Viewing at Ballet in the Park on July 15th.
Onwards to new ventures!

Performances in Seoul, June 15-17, 2012
See the full view of all photos in our photo gallery


Stuttgarter Ballett
I saw 5 performances in Japan (all 3 of “Taming of Shrew” in Tokyo, Evan’s “Swan Lake” in Tokyo and Biwako) and 3 performances in Korea. All of them were really wonderful! Especially “The Lady of Camellias” was amazingly impressive.
During all 3 days, I cried so many times with the performances. The partnership between Sue-Jin and Marijin was perfect. They really seemed to BE Marguerite and Armand.
The other dancers' performance was also very nice, I especially loved Alicia and Evan as a couple (Manon and Des Grieux).
The next time, please bring “The Lady of Camellias” to Japan also, the Japanese audience should experience more of how impressive your company’s performance is.

Anyway, thank you very much for these wonderful days.
Best regards
Kiyoka Sugimoto in Japan


You've seen a Stuttgart Ballet performance on tour or met some of the company members on their journey? We'd be curious for your impressions!
Please e-mail to


Stuttgarter Ballett
Marijn Rademaker with Sue Jin Kang's image in the hotel lobby
Sue Jin Kang and Marijn Rademaker, who will be having their premiere in The Lady of the Camellias with the Stuttgart Ballet on Friday night in Seoul, send an e-mail to all friends and fans:
"I am so happy to be performing in my home town and to be able to perform for my fellow Koreans. It is a great honour for me to be able to share the beautiful Stuttgart Ballet and this extraordinary ballet of John Neumeier with the people of Seoul. Die Kameliendame is so close to my heart and I can't wait for the curtain to go up tonight!" (Sue Jin Kang)
"It is fantastic to be able to dance here in South Korea with Sue Jin Kang. I feel a great responsibility as her partner but also tremendous excitement to be standing at her side. I think I speak for the whole Stuttgart Ballet when I say that we are very honoured to be performing here in the Sejong Center tonight and this weekend."(Marijn Rademaker)

Toi toi toi to everyone on and behind the stage!



I am a huge fan of Stuttgarter Ballett, and I am so excited for you to come to Korea this June!
I have read the interview piece of Sue Jin Kang that you posted on Facebook, and I am not sure whether anybody has translated this article, but here it is. I have not had a chance to see your performance even when I was in New York, but I am so glad that I will be getting to see a performance in Korea. Without a further ado, here is the translated article:

(The original article can be found here)

Sue Jin Kang, visiting Korea for her performance as the prima donna* of The Lady of the Camellias, remarked that she is “not thinking about retiring anytime soon.”
On [June] 11th, Sue Jin Kang, Marijin Rademaker, and the Artistic Director Reid Anderson attended the press conference for The Lady of the Camellias at the Somerset Palace in Anguk-dong, Seoul.

“With the last full-length ballet performance in Korea ahead of me, people ask when I will retire. [But] I do not know. I have not planned when exactly I will retire, whether it will be in 5 years or in the near future. However, it will be my last time performing a full-length piece in Korea. I am not thinking about retiring any time soon,” voiced Sue Jin Kang on the topic of retirement.

In addition, she said, “I thought a lot about retiring when I was in my 30s. Frankly, I thought I would retire after I turn 40. After I turned 40, however, [performing] got more fun. In the end, I would have to retire, but what is more important to me now is living today to the fullest and performing. [And that is why] each and every day is very important [to me]. However, I do want to retire when I am at the climax [of my career],” hinting at the future possibility of retirement.

On the question of how she will educate [and train] younger ballerinas after her retirement, she affirmed, saying “I will be definitely spending my time training and helping them, but I will think about how I can dedicate my best efforts to help them when the time comes.” She added, “What is always important to me the most is today, this minute, and each day, until I go to bed. Through many experiences, I have learned that “today” is important in life. Consequently, although I have future plans in my mind, I think it will be wasting my time if I get stressed out about it now. One thing that I can say with certainty is that I will be dedicating rest of my life for the younger generation of ballerinas [after my retirement].”

In The Lady of the Camellias, Sue Jin Kang will be performing as Marguerite Gautier, the most popular and beautiful of the “courtisanes.” The Lady of the Camellias is one of the major drama-ballet classics and one of the main performances of the Stuttgarter Ballett. The performance, originally written as a novel by Alexandre Dumas, fils, entails a love story between the “courtisane” Marguerite Gautier and a young bourgeois Armand Duval.

In addition, Sue Jin Kang received Prix Benois de Danse (equivalent to “Oscars Award” for ballerinas) for her role as Marguerite in The Lady of the Camellias. This was the first time an Asian-descent received Prix Benois de Dance prize.

The Stuttgarter Ballett returns to Korea after 10 years since 2002 with its performance of The Lady of the Camellias on June 15th-17th at the Sejong Performance Art Center.

* They probably meant the “leading female role”

Thank you for coming to Korea, and see you on Friday!
Anny Yang


Hello, everyone,
we've escaped the rain and arrived in Seoul!

After our last performance in Japan at the beautiful Biwako Hall, located next to the biggest inland lake of Japan, the company travelled on to South Korea.
The first night we had a press conference with Sue Jin Kang, the Artistic Director Reid Anderson and Marijn Rademaker. There were 12 TV channels, 23 photographers and 35 print journalists present, it was amazing, it was a flurry of flashbulbs... afterwards, our host Credia invited the entire company plus technical, make-up and costume staff to a reception – we had a truly good start in Seoul!
Tuesday night Sue Jin Kang was the only guest on a one hour TV Talkshow, where she totally twisted four show hosts around her little finger.
The dancers have found their favourite spot in the pretty roof garden of our Hotel, with trees and flowers and deck chairs. But there is not much time to hang out as we are heading for the general rehearsal tonight and for the premiere tomorrow night at the Sejong Center. “The Lady of the Camellias” in front of 3.000 spectators, we’re excited!
Lots of love from warm and sunny Seoul,
your Stuttgart Ballet company

photo diary part 08: First days in Seoul
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ARRIVAL IN SEOUL, 11.06.2012

The company arrived safely in Seoul, South Korea, today. We're getting ready for three performances of John Neumeier's "The Lady of the Camellias". First thing today was an official press conference introducing Artistic Director Reid Anderson as well as Sue Jin Kang and Marijn Rademaker who will be dancing the leading roles of Marguerite Gautier and Armand Duval in this beautiful, tragic ballet.

photo diary part 07: Last Swan Lake performance in Otsu
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photo diary part 06: The Taming of the Shrew in Nishinomiya
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photo diary part 05: performance for school children and travelling on to Osaka
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photo diary part 04: First Swan Lake shows, June 5th and 6th, 2012
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Yes, I've seen it!! It was beyond words. Great work, amazing dancers, beautiful costume and stage! Every bit was great! I wish I could see it forever...
(Tamako Hasegawa)

Please Mr. Vogel, marry me!? Or at least give me feet like yours!?
(Shriram Shastri)


Stuttgarter Ballett
Ami Morita and ensemble in Swan Lake
photo: Stuttgart Ballet
Hello, everybody,

I am sending you many greetings from Toyko! I am so happy to be dancing with the Stuttgart Ballet in Japan, my homeland.
I really enjoy the fact that my family is coming to watch me dance "big swans" in Swan Lake because they can not come so often to Stuttgart to watch me dance. It feels really good to be here! 

I'm looking forward to seeing the Stuttgart friends and fans again, though, when we come back. But first our journey goes on to Nishinomiya, Otsu and then Seoul.

Take care, everybody, and many regards from Japan,


Stuttgarter Ballett
After three successful shows of The Taming of the Shrew the entire company, including staff, was invited to an elegant reception at the House of Mr. Sazaki, our host. The house is a veritable ballet museum, with uncountable paintings, drawings, sculptures and also old costumes - for example Marcia Haydée's costume from Romeo and Juliet. We had an incredible meal, topped off by a huge cake. Of course the Stuttgart Ballet wanted to contribute to Mr. Sazakis collection - we brought a piece from a limited Meissen edition named the "Swan plate", that has already found a nice spot in one of the numerous showcases.

We experiences two earthquakes already, something that is totally new to us: One was in the middle of the night and one in the afternoon, only an hour before the first performance! The Japanese technicians ran on stage immediately to get our staff members off, obviously they have a well functioning warning system. Everything was shaking quite a lot, but during the performance it was quiet, then.

Today we are having the general rehearsal for Swan Lake, the premiere tomorrow is awaited with quite a lot of excitement by the audiences as Friedemann Vogel is a big star in Japan, and everone's looking forward to seeing him and Alicia Amatriain dance the leading roles.

Lots of love to everyone from the entire company!

photo diary part 03: first shows in Tokyo, June 2nd and 3rd, 2012
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It was my first Stuttgart Ballet experience last night and The Taming of the Shrew was the funnest ballet I ever saw! Sue Jin and Filip were brilliant on stage (and of course the rest of the company too). Absolutely LOVED the comedy in the ballet!!:D
Thanks guys for an amazing experience, and toitoitoi for the rest of the performances. Will be back for Swan Lake and can't wait!!
(Minami Hara)

I saw the performances on June 1st and 2nd in Tokyo. (I returned HIROSHIMA today.)
On first of June a medium scale earthquake occurred near Tokyo, one hour before from performance started  - but luckily after that everything was calm.
My impression of the permormance: It was very funny and impressive!
I have seen about 100 ballet performances in Japan before, all of very famous companies.
My absolute favorite one was Sue Jin Kang’s Onegin when she performed with the Stuttgart Ballet in 2008 in Tokyo. That was amazing!! At that time, I became an ardent fan of Sue Jin.
There might be ballet stars who are more famous in Japan than her but many people who could see her dance are deeply impressed by her performance.
This time, she was met by many fans at the back stage door after the performance
(They all waited for 1 hour after the last curtain).
Of course, Filip, Maria and Jason's performances were excellent!!
I am looking forward to her next performance in Japan!!!
H. Yamane / Hiroshima, Japan


The curtain just closed after our first show of The Taming of the Shrew. Thanks to the Tokyo audiences for the warm and friendly welcome, that was fun!
We're looking forward to the next performance tomorrow night.

(photo: Sue Jin Kang/ Filip Barankiewicz, Copyright: Stuttgart Ballet)
photo diary part 02: reheraslas and general rehearsal "The Taming of the Shrew", 31.05.2012
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photo diary part 01: Arrival in Tokyo, 30.06.2012
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Stuttgarter Ballett
We arrived in Tokyo!

Here we are sending you a first message from Japan to say hello to all our fans who can't meet us here on tour. The journey went well, but it was a very long and quite tiring trip.
The dancers had the first day off, many took the optional class though to get the inevitable stiffness from the long flight out of the muscles.
Our staff came together with the large team of our Japanese host to discuss all the details concerning technics, lighting, backstage procedures, press, rehearsals and so on.
Of course we HAD to go out to have Sushi the first night... delicious!

In the middle of the night there we were woken up by a tremble - scary for us (especially in a 30 floor hotel!), but absolutely normal for the Japanese, as it seems.
Today we started training and rehearsals in the studios of the Tokyo Ballet, there was a runthrough of The Taming of the Shrew and many Swan Lake rehearsals.
We go back and forth by sub, which gives us an exciting impression of Japanese city life.

Lots of love from the entire company
to all our friends and fans who cannot be here with us!

We will soon be back with more news for the tour diary.