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Alessandro Giaquinto was born in Scandiano (Italy) and grew up in Reggio Emilia. At the age of ten he received his first ballet training at the Progetto Danza in Scandiano. From 2011 to 2016 he continued his education at the John Cranko Schule, from which he graduated in July 2016. In 2012 Marco Goecke and Louis Stiens created the role of Gene in the Coproduction Dancer in the Dark with the Schauspiel Stuttgart for him.

In the 2016/17 season he joined the Stuttgart Ballet as an apprentice, one season later he became a member of the Corps de ballet. At the beginning of the 2021/22 season he was promoted to Demi-Soloist.

Alessandro Giaquinto is also creating own choreographies. Since 2019 he is closely working together with the artist Chiara Bugatti. As Team they developed a performance named “REHEARSING BRUTALITY UNTIL IT IS TOTALLY DESTROYED” which premiered in Bunkervik in Brescia (Italy) in September 2021.
Photo Roman Novitzky


Solo Roles with the Stuttgart Ballet
  • Are you as big as me? (Roman Novitzky)
  • Aurora's Nap (Johan Inger): Catalabutte
  • Averno (Morgann Runacre-Temple): Hades
  • Blake Works I (William Forsythe)
  • Bliss (Johan Inger)
  • Brouillards (John Cranko): Général Lavine Eccentric
  • Initials R.B.M.E. (John Cranko): Solo role in E.
  • Kaash (Akram Khan): Solo role
  • Krabat (Demis Volpi): Witko
  • La fille mal gardée (Frederick Ashton): Alain, Flute boy
  • Le Spectre de la Rose (Marco Goecke)
  • Mayerling (Kenneth MacMillan): Bratfisch
  • One of a Kind (Jiří Kylián)
  • Out of Breath (Johan Inger)
  • Petals (Louis Stiens)
  • Petite Mort (Jiří Kylián)
  • Romeo and Juliet (John Cranko): Benvolio, carnival
  • Seventh Symphony (Uwe Scholz): Solo role
  • Solo (Hans van Manen)
  • Symphony in C (George Balanchine): solo roles 3rd and 4th movement
  • The Lady of the Camellias (John Neumeier): Count N.
  • The Nutcracker (Edward Clug): Fritz
  • The Sleeping Beauty (Marcia Haydée after Petipa): Prince of the West, Cavalier, Catalabutte, Puss in Boots
  • The Taming of the Shrew (John Cranko): Gremio
  • Yasuragi no chi (Alessandro Giaquinto)

Specially created Roles
  • A Spell on you (Marco Goecke)
  • Almost Blue (Marco Goecke)
  • Aurora's Nap (Johan Inger): Servant
  • Cassiopeia's Garden (Christian Spuck)
  • Dancer in the Dark (Marco Goecke / Louis Stiens): Gene
  • Einssein (Mauro Bigonzetti)
  • Impuls (Roman Novitzky)
  • Naiad (Douglas Lee)
  • Qi (Louis Stiens)
  • REVOLT (Nanine Linning)
  • Self-deceit (Vittoria Girelli)
  • Summer (Louis Stiens)
  • Sonno Elefante (Alessandro Giaquinto)
  • The Nutcracker (Edward Clug): Fritz' friend (Solo), mouse
  • Umarmung (Fabio Adorisio)
  • Under the Surface (Roman Novitzky)
  • Where does the time go? (Samantha Lynch)

Specially created Roles at Noverre: Young Choreographers
  • Deltangi (Timoor Afshar)
  • Notes for Peace (Martino Semenzato)

Corps de ballet Roles with the Stuttgart Ballet
  • Boléro (Maurice Bejart)
  • Brouillards (John Cranko)
  • Concerto for Flute and Harp (John Cranko)
  • Don Quijote (Maximiliano Guerra)
  • Fancy Goods (Marco Goecke)
  • Jeu de Cartes (John Cranko)
  • L’Estro Armonico (John Cranko)
  • La fille mal gardée (Frederick Ashton)
  • Lulu. A Monstre Tragedy (Christian Spuck)
  • Mayerling (Kenneth MacMillan)
  • Onegin (John Cranko)
  • Opus 1 (John Cranko)
  • Pineapple Poll (John Cranko)
  • Requiem (Kenneth MacMillan)
  • Romeo and Juliet (John Cranko)
  • Swan Lake (John Cranko)
  • The Lady of the Camellias (John Neumeier)
  • The Sleeping Beauty (Marcia Haydée after Marius Petipa)
  • The Taming of the Shrew (John Cranko)

Roles as a Student of the John Cranko Schule
  • Italiana (Nicola Biasutti)
  • SE (Enrico Morelli)

Own Choreographies

Elegia World Premiere at Noverre-Society: Young Choreographers on April 20, 2017, Stuttgart Ballet
Alba Mendax World Premiere at Noverre-Society: Young Choreographers on June 13, 2018, Stuttgart Ballet
Just Sometimes World Premiere at Noverre: Young Choreographers on June 5, 2019, Stuttgart Ballet
Sonno Elefante World Premiere at the Festival di Spoleto on June 29, 2019
Homem World Premiere on November 13, 2019, Stuttgart Ballet
Aedis World Premiere during the mixed evening “Response II” on October 30, 2020, Stuttgart Ballet
Was bleibet World Premiere during "Pallaksch. Die Hölderlinnacht" on July 17, 2021, Stuttgart Ballet
Small Suite for 3 dancers and 2 musicians World Premiere during the Amiata Piano Festival in Poggi del Sasso (Italy) on July 28, 2021
Do butterflies remember being carterpillars? Film (directed by CARAZ) premiered as part of the serie “Round 2” on September 13, 2021
Solo por Mila World Premiere during the project “Creare para Crescere” on September 25, 2021
Drifting Bones World Premiere during the gala 50 Years John Cranko School on December 1, 2021, John Cranko School Stuttgart
Yasuragi no chi World Premiere during a Gala in Tokyo (Japan) on March 19, 2022, Stuttgart Ballet
Isola World Premiere during the Gala “Corpi in Fuga 2022” in Trieste (Italy) on April 5, 2022
Dimora World Premiere in the Church St. Fidelis, Stuttgart, on October 6, 2022
Ascaresa World Premiere during the evening "Creations X-XII" on May 27, 2023, Stuttgart Ballet