Administrative Director

Personal Assistant to the Artistic Director

Fränzi Günther

Music Director, Conductor

Assistant Music Director, Conductor

Principal Ballet Mistress and Artistic Consultant

Principal Ballet Master

Ballet Mistress / Ballet Master

Director of Production and Ballet Master

Scheduling Coordinator and Assistant to the Director of Production

Wolfgang Stollwitzer


Birgit Deharde

Artist in Residence

Director Communications and Dramaturgy

Assistant Press, Website, Social Media

Jennifer Schurr


Pia Christine Boekhorst

Community Outreach, Special Events, Merchandising

Jessica Gerstenlauer

Departmental Assistant Communications and Dramaturgy

Sina Eger
Meriel Wille

Interim Leading Repetitor

Chie Kobayashi


Alastair Bannerman
Valery Laenko
Louis Lancien
Raul Rodriguez Bey

Project Management Noverre: Young Choreographers

Ballet Mistress Extras and Children

Angelika Bulfinsky

Head of Stuttgart Ballet Young

Nicole Loesaus

Character Artists

Angelika Bulfinsky
Magdalena Dziegielewska

Stage Managers

Ekkehard Kleine
Janis Vollert


Matthias Knop (Director)
Michael Lachenmayer

Ballet Shoe Supervisor

Magdalena Dziegielewska

Video Department

Dora Detrich


Michel Wiesinger

Honorary Members

Marcia Haydée
Georgette Tsinguirides
Richard Cragun †
Reid Anderson