Information on Seat Selection

Best Available Seat Booking
In best available seat booking, you choose a category of seats and select the number of tickets you would like. An automatic allocation of seats will take place within the selected category; you receive the best available seats. Numbered seats are generally located next to each other. If your computer is having problems with Java, then the best available seat booking will automatically take place.
Seating Chart Booking
In seating chart booking, you personally select your exact seats from agraphic seating chart. Begin the seating chart booking and choose an area. There you can select the seats by clicking on them. Seating chart booking is not offered for some events.
General Seating
means that, with your ticket, you can freely select your seat according to the conditions on-site. Normally this involves seats, however in some cases standing room will also be available.
Seat or Standing Room, Depending on Availability
In this price category, seats are predominantly offered (but not guaranteed). In some circumstances, standing room tickets at the same price are also sent. An exact request regarding standing room or a seat unfortunately cannot be fulfilled in this context. A later exchange of the tickets delivered is not possible.
Obstructed Views/Supertitles
Due to building conditions or the demands of individual productions, obstructed views (including of the supertitles that are used in numerous performances) are possible from certain seats. Please inquire about potential impairments at
(+49) (0)711. 20 20 90 (Mon – Fri 10 am – 8 pm, Sat 10 am – 6 pm).
No Longer Available for Delivery
means that the event is taking place soon and that shipment of the tickets is no longer possible. Please select “Pick up tickets” as an alternative.
Only 1 Ticket Can be Selected / Individual Seat
Only individual seats (no groups of adjoining seats) can still be booked in the corresponding category using the best available seat booking. Individual seats are scattered vacancies. Even if a greater number are available, these seats are not adjoining. Adjoining seats might still be available using the seating chart booking.
Any more questions?
Call our Ticket Service:
(+49) (0) 711. 20 20 90, Mon – Fri 10 am – 8 pm, Sat 10 am – 6 pm

Information on Online Sales

Please examine our General Terms and Conditions as well as the following information on ticket pre-sales.
Ticket Pre-sales
Ticket pre-sales for performances at all venuesgenerally begin on the same date two months before the day of the performance. For performances in all other venues, pre-sales generally begin one month before the performance date. If the first pre-sale date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then pre-sales will begin on that Friday. If it falls on a holiday, then sales will begin the daybefore. Some events cannot be purchased through online sales. For such cases, please contact our telephone ticket service ((+49) (0) 711. 20 20 90, Mon – Fri 10 am – 8 pm, Sat 10 am – 6 pm). Performances outside of the previously mentioned pre-sale periods can be ordered using the online ordering form. Please examine our general information on ticket pre-sales.
Seat Selection
In the course of your booking, information relating to seat selection will be displayed.
Ticket Prices
Ticket prices for online sales include a service fee of 1.00 € per ticket.
Discounts (other than the Schauspielcard)
Please use the alternative sales channels for discounts, as they are not available or applicable for online sales.
Gift Vouchers
Gift certificates can be used as a form of payment for one or more performances at the Statestheatres Stuttgart. You can even use them to pay for subscriptions and merchandising products. Gift vouchers can be transferred to third parties and can be redeemed without any time limit until cancelled. If the order total is greater than the value of the gift voucher, the difference can be paid out. Remaining balances will be repaid in the form of a gift voucher. Redeeming gift vouchers for online sales is currently not possible. Please use our alternative sales channels for this purpose.
Delivery / Pick Up with Confirmation of Purchase
Tickets or gift vouchers can be sent out for a shipping fee of 1.50 €, if the time of the order allows for it. The Staatstheater Stuttgart cannot accept any responsibility for the shipment.
Confirmation of purchase will automatically be sent by email to the address you provided, as soon as purchase of your order has been initiated.
By presenting printed confirmation of purchase, tickets can be picked up at the theatre box office or at the appropriate performance box office; gift vouchers only at the theatre box office (Mon – Fri 10 am – 7 pm, Sat 10 am – 2 pm).
Only printed tickets are valid as passes for means of transport with the VVS. Printed confirmations of purchase will not be accepted as valid ride passes for the VVS.
You can purchase any of our print@home ticket(s) (with the start of season 14/15) at any time and print them out yourself. This booking service is available to you until 1 hour before a performance starts at no additional cost and is specified during the booking via choice of shipping option. After completing the purchasing transaction, the desired ticket will be displayed as a PDF file and can be printed immediately. You will receive a confirmation of purchase at the email address you have provided, with the ticket file as an attachement. The personalization of each ticket with a name and date of birth prevents improper duplication for the protection of the purchaser. Each ticket entitles the holder to one unique admission in conjunction with a valid ID. If there are any questions, please contact our telephone sales office ((+49) (0) 711. 20 20 90). Operating hours telephone sales office: Mon - Fri 10 am - 08 pm; Sat 10 am - 06 pm.

print@home ticket = transit ticket
Your print@home ticket is valid as a transit ticket for public transportation in the VVS system at no additional cost and will automatically beeig print with your print@home ticket. Please pay attention to the required personalisation during the booking transaction.
Late Seating
may not be possible for certain performances. Our telephone ticket service (0711. 20 20 90, Mon – Fri 10 am – 8 pm, Sat 10 am – 6 pm) will be happy to provide you with more information!
Tickets can be paid with credit card (American Express, MasterCard, VISA) or direct debit (Not for new customers, these should call our ticket-service first (+49) (0)711. 20 20 90).
Return / Exchange
We ask that you carefully check your information before authorising purchase of your order, as tickets and gift vouchers cannot be returned or exchanged.
Technical Requirements
Current web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera). Java installed on your computer and cookies activated. -> Privacy policy: Please do not use your browser’s ‘Back’ button!
Any more questions?
Phone: (+49) (0) 711. 20 20 90
Mon – Fri 10 am – 8 pm, Sat 10 am – 6 pm 



1. Field of application
The general terms and conditions regulate the legal relationship between the Württemberg Staatstheater Stuttgart (Theatres) and its patrons (patrons). These terms are considered agreed upon with the acquisition of a ticket or signing of a subscription agreement. In the case of subscriptions, the subscription terms also apply. The general terms and conditions apply for members of patron organizations, provided that no different terms have been agreed upon.
2. Performance schedule and curtain times
Valid performance schedules with curtain times will be announced in the periodic publications released by the Theatres and on the Internet. The Theatres reserve the right to make changes. In the event of a performance change or cancelation, or a change of curtain time, the Theatres will attempt to inform patrons in a timely manner. The Theatres accept no responsibility for announcements and publications, particularly when carried out by third parties (for example the press). Claims for damages of any kind are expressly excluded.
3. Box office hours
a) The daytime and evening box office and telephone pre-sale bookings are open during the hours specified in the regular publications of the Theatres.
b) The box office opens one hour prior to the start of a performance. This is also the case for morning and afternoon matinees. Tickets will only be sold at the evening box office for that evening’s performance. The evening box office will generally close at the start of the performance.
4. Ticket sales, orders, reservations and payment
a) Ticket pre-sales will begin on the dates listed in the publications of the Theatres. If the first pre-sale date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then pre-sales will begin on that Friday. If it falls on a holiday, then sales will begin the day before. There may be advanced pre-sales for particular productions or months. More detailed terms of pre-sales are regulated according to publications of the Theatres.
b) The Theatres reserve the right, on an individual basis, to limit the number of tickets that can be purchased per person, as well as sales over a period of time, in regard to the release of discount tickets and/or with respect to certain sales channels. Allotments provided for regular ticket sales are particularly dependant upon the Theatres’ contractual obligations to subscribers and patron organizations.
c) Ticket orders are binding in accordance with the following regulations and create a commitment to purchase and payment of the tickets booked. Regulations on distance contracts shall not apply. A cancellation right does not exist. In the event of non-payment, new orders will not be possible until complete payment of outstanding funds is made.
d) It will first be possible to make ticket reservations by telephone at the start of pre-sales. Tickets ordered by phone are considered temporarily reserved and will remain reserved until 14 days prior to the performance. The order will only be made binding once the tickets have been paid.
The deadline for picking up or paying for tickets will be provided with confirmation of the reservation. After this date, the Theatres can otherwise dispose of the tickets. Until complete payment is made for the tickets, they will remain the property of the Theatres.
Following payment, the tickets can either be left at the evening box office for pick up or sent to the purchaser, according to their request. If the tickets are shipped, the purchaser accepts shipping risks. In the event of loss, the Theatres are not required to provide compensation.
A shipping and handling fee can be charged for shipping, which is due with ticket payment. Reserved tickets that are not picked up will not be replaced. An exception to this is tickets placed on hold at the evening box office, which remain reserved until 1/2 hour before the start of the performance and are subsequently released to open sales if they haven’t been picked up at this point.
e) Written ticket orders by letter, fax, email and online ordering form, are processed once ticket pre-sales begin, in the order the were received and at the same time as sales begin at the box office and for telephone orders. Tickets ordered in writing are only considered temporarily reserved with an acknowledgement by telephone or in writing from the Theatres. The order is only made complete with payment of the tickets. Otherwise, the same terms apply as in section c).
f) For ticket orders carried out through the online ticket sales, the seat offers are limited to the seats marked as available on the Internet. By sending the ticket booking, the purchaser makes an offer to conclude the contract and will receive an email with confirmation of the ticket purchase and a transaction number. The confirmation is subject to the cancelling condition that the ordered tickets are no longer available upon receipt of payment to the Theatres’ account. In this case, the purchaser has no claim to the ordered tickets. Discounts might not be allowed for online ticket sales.
The ticket price for tickets ordered online includes a service fee for each ticket. An additional fee for shipping tickets will also be charged per order. The ticket price (including the service fee) as well as the fee for shipping will be charged altogether.
Otherwise, the same terms apply as in section c).
The Theatres reserve the right to change, supplement or remove the performance or seating offers for online ticket sales at any time and without special notice, as well as to temporarily or entirely discontinue online sales.
g) Tickets can be purchased with cash, via direct debit or by credit card (American Express, MasterCard, VISA), as well as by redeeming valid gift certificates. For online ticket sales, payment is only possible with the aforementioned credit cards or via direct debit.
Debit transactions will be processed on the next business day following the pre-sale date. No additional written notice will be given regarding this. The conversion to SEPA Direct Debit will take place on February 1, 2014.
h) In the case of payment default, the Theatres reserve the right to charge default interest in the amount of 5% over the prime rate determined in §. 247 BGB.
i) Special policies apply for group orders.  Please call 0711 / 2032-330 for sales and more information.
5. Prices and discounts
a) The effective ticket prices are made evident in the publications and displays of the Theatres. Special pricing is possible for individual events (such as special events, guest performances). Furthermore, the Theatres reserve the right to carry out short-term, performance-based discount promotions.
b) School and college students and civil and military service providers up to 30 years of age as well as individuals in a year of social service can receive tickets at a discounted price with presentation of official ID. For pre-sales, this is only valid in a limited number of seats for certain price groups, and for all price groups at the box office right before curtain, depending on availability (remaining tickets).
Discounts in certain price groups can also be granted for children up to 14 years of age when accompanied by adults, as well as for disabled persons with presentation of official ID. For Schauspiel performances, this rule also applies for unemployed patrons who present an appropriate ID.
Those accompanying disabled persons can receive tickets at the discounted price, if the disabled person’s ID displays a “B” for the necessary accompanying person. If no “B” is marked on the ID, then the full ticket price must be paid.
c) A discount can only be granted if mentioned by the patron when purchasing or reserving the ticket. Discounts can no longer be granted after conclusion of the reservation process.
d) Discount tickets are only valid in connection with an ID eligible for the discount. The combination of multiple discounts is not possible. The ID is to be shown along with the ticket when entering the house. If the ID presented does not contain a photo, then an additional photo ID is also to be presented (such as a personal ID or driver’s license).
e) Discounts can be changed by the Theatres at any time. The Theatres are also entitled to limit or preclude the release of discount tickets for particular venues, events, seating or price groups, sales channels, etc. No right to discounts exists for premieres, guest performances, special events, as well as with online ticket sales. Discounts do not apply to fees.
f) Subject to printing of your ticket, the price includes authorization for use of the theatre ticket as a public transportation ticket (VVS). The theatre ticket is valid as a transit ticket starting three hours before the start of your performance for travel to the venue as well as for your return trip after the event (2nd class). Whether the patron takes advantage of this service is irrelevant.
With regards to use of the theatre ticket as a transit ticket, a separate contractual relationship exists between the customer and the transportation company, for which the Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart (VVS) terms of transportation apply.
6. The exchange, return and loss of tickets
a) Purchased tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. Refunds cannot be offered for unused tickets.
b) Changes in casting as well as other short-term changes to the performance process or situations beyond our control (traffic interference, illness, weather, etc.) do not entitle the return of tickets. If a different work is performed in place of the one that was advertised when the tickets were purchased, then purchased tickets can be returned.
If a performance is interrupted, and less than half of the performance has been completed at the time of the interruption, then a replacement performance will be offered or, in case this isn’t possible due to scheduling details or other reasons, the ticket price will be refunded. Any claims beyond that are excluded in these situations; in particular useless patron expenses like transportation or lodging costs, etc. cannot be refunded. The claim to a refund of ticket price expires when it is not asserted within ten days.
c) In the event of a lost ticket, the Theatres will issue a replacement ticket if the purchaser indicates specific location or can reasonably point out which tickets he bought. If the original ticket as well as the replacement ticket for the same seat are presented by different patrons, then the original ticket holder takes precedence over the replacement ticket holder. In this case, the replacement ticket does not entitle the allocation of another seat. The house staff will not investigate whether the original ticket holder is the legitimate owner.
7. Admission to performances
a) The foyers are generally opened one hour before curtain time.
b) When being seated, a valid ticket or subscription ID is to be shown to the house staff as well as the appropriate ID for discount ticket eligibility.
c) For safety reasons as well as the interests of the artists and other patrons, once the performance has begun, patrons can only be seated at a suitable time set by the artistic management (for example a scene change or intermission), and without any claim to the ticketed seat that had been issued. The patrons are asked to follow the instructions of the house staff in regards to the time of seating as well as the closest available seat. Late seating might not be possible for certain performances.
8. Visibility limitations
Due to building conditions or the demands of individual productions, obstructed views are possible from certain seats. Seats with obstructed views can be requested through our sales staff.
9. Coat check
a) Coat check items (jackets, umbrellas, large bags, etc.) may not be taken into the house, but are to be left with the appropriate coat check staff. This applies for bags up to a size of approx. 40 x 40 x 20 cm. Lockers are available for larger bags and luggage.
b) A coat check tag is given out when items are handed in. When the tag is returned, the checked items will be handed out to the holder of that tag, without verification of claim.
c) In the event of loss of the coat check tag, items can only be handed out after all remaining patrons have collected their items. In this case, the patron is required to provide the coat check staff with his name, address and telephone number and to pay 2.50 EUR for the lost tag. Interchanged, damaged or lost items, as well of the loss of a tag, are to be immediately reported to coat check staff.
d) The Theatres are only liable for loss or damage to checked items if the coat check staff have abused their storage responsibilities deliberately or through gross negligence. Liability is limited to current value or a maximum of 250 EUR for all items checked with one coat check tag. Exempt from liability are IDs and documents of any kind, credit cards, cash, keys and valuables like jewelry, electronic devices, etc. – particularly if these items are located in coat pockets or any kind of container. The storage of these items is carried out at the patron’s own risk.
10. Projected texts
Due to the building conditions of the Opernhaus, not all seats have an unrestricted view of projected texts during performances of foreign-language works. Seats with obstructed views can be requested through our sales staff.
11. The recording of images and/or sounds
a) The recording of images (film, video, etc.) and/or sounds of performances or other events of the Theatres is prohibited by purposes of copyright. Taking photographs during the performance is not allowed. In the event of a violation, the house staff is authorized to confiscate recording devices as well as cameras, free from liability, and to keep them until the end of the performance. If necessary, the patron can be excluded from attending the performance.
All types of recording materials containing any part of the performance will be confiscated and stored by the Theatres and can only be returned to their owner after the recordings have been deleted.
Violations can lead not only to claims for damages, but are also liable to criminal prosecution.
b) In the event that the Theatres record a performance or event, or have one recorded, the patrons agree to the possibility of having their image and/or voice recorded and that these recordings may be released or exploited with no claim to compensation.
12. Lost and found items
Any loss of items is to be immediately reported to the house or coat check staff. All types of objects found in rooms of the Theatres are to be given to the house or coat check staff. The objects will be kept by the Theatres for a period of 6 months. Beyond that, §§ 978 ff. of German Civil Code [BGB] shall apply.
13. House rules
a) The Theatres maintain the right to enforce house rules in all performance venues. Within the scope of its rights, the Theatres are authorized to issue expulsions or bans, or to take other appropriate measures. In particular, patrons can be removed from performances if they interrupt them, disturb other patrons or have violated the General Terms and Conditions repeatedly or in any other considerable manner.
Entry can be denied if there is a reasonable assumption that the patron will interrupt the performance or disturb other patrons.
b) The patron is only permitted to occupy the seat designated on his ticket. If he has taken a seat for which he does not have a valid ticket, then the Theatres can charge the difference or remove the patron from the performance.
c) Mobile devices as well as all other types of devices that send out audio or visual signals are only allowed to be brought into the house if they are turned off.
d) The carrying or consumption of food and drinks in the house is prohibited.
e) Smoking is not permitted on the premises of the Theatres.
f) In the case of fire or other dangerous situations, patrons are to immediately exit the house through the emergency exits without any detour. There will be no coat check returns during such an event. The instructions of the staff are to be absolutely obeyed.
g) The reselling of tickets at higher prices is not permitted.
14. Liability
The Theatres are only liable for damages to individuals and property suffered in the rooms of the Theatres in cases of willful intent or gross negligence. Otherwise, liability is not present.
15. Data protection
As an institution of the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Theatres will treat your personal data as confidential according to terms of applicable data protection law and not disclose it to any third party for advertising purposes. External service providers receiving customer data on behalf of the Theatres, for example to send information or publications, are strongly bound by contract, as defined by the State Data Protection Act [Landesdatenschutzgesetz], and are not considered third parties by data protection law.
Customer ordering information will be used and saved in accordance with data protection law to the extent necessary for the execution and documentation of their orders. Along with the account number, we also save the customer’s name and address, and where applicable telephone number, email address as well as the bank or credit card account information; the credit card numbers are anonymous and don’t include the so-called card verification code (CVC).
If the use of ordering information for informational and customer service purposes has been agreed to, then these will be used, among other things, for contacting the customer by letter and email. The agreement can be withdrawn at any time and without penalty by mail, email or in the online sales under the menu item “Customer account”.
According to § 21, 22 of the State Data Protection Act [Landesdatenschutzgesetz], the patron has the right to receive information at any time regarding data pertaining to them that has been saved and, if applicable, to request corrections. Inquiries relating to data protection are to be directed to our data protection officer, Mrs. Michaela Klapka, at the following email address:
16. Applicable law / Place of performance / Jurisdiction
Only German law shall be applicable. This also applies to ticket sales over the Internet. Place of jurisdiction shall be Stuttgart.
17. Date of effect
The General Terms and Conditions take effect on September 1, 2008.