Elisa Ghisalberti

Demi Soloist

Elisa Ghisalberti

Demi Soloist


Elisa Ghisalberti was born in Bergamo, Italy. She received her first ballet lessons at the Ballet School oft he Scala in Milan in 2005. After one year at the Ballet Studio in Bergamo she came to the John Cranko Schule in Stuttgart in 2009 where she graduated in 2013. During her last year at the Academy of the John Cranko Schule she already danced in several productions of the Stuttgart Ballet in the Corps de ballet.

In the season 2013/14 Elisa Ghisalberti became an apprentice with the Stuttgart Ballet, one season later she was taken into the Corps de ballet. With the 2022/23-season she is promoted to Demi-Soloist.
Photo Carlos Quezada


Solo Roles with the Stuttgart Ballet
  • Blake Works I (William Forsythe)
  • Don Quijote (Maximiliano Guerra): Dulcinea
  • Falling Angels (Jiří Kylián)
  • Lamento (Andreas Heise)
  • Le Chant du Rossignol (Marco Goecke)
  • On Velvet (Marco Goecke)
  • One of a Kind (Jiří Kylián)
  • Petals (Louis Stiens)
  • Petite Mort (Jiří Kylián)
  • Pineapple Poll (John Cranko): Poll
  • Romeo and Juliet (John Cranko): Gypsy
  • Seventh Symphony (Uwe Scholz): Solo Role
  • Ssss… (Edward Clug)
  • Swan Lake (John Cranko): small Swan, Pas de six, Princess of Naples
  • Symphony in C (George Balanchine): solo role 3rd movement
  • The Nutcracker (Edward Clug): guest at the Christmas party
  • The Sleeping Beauty (Marcia Haydée after Marius Petipa): Blue Bird’s Princess, Wisdom Fairy, Grace Fairy, Sapphire, Cat
  • The Taming of the Shrew (John Cranko): Street girl
  • Umarmung (Fabio Adorisio)

Specially created Roles
  • Aftermath (Demis Volpi)
  • Carnival of the aminals (Demis Volpi)
  • Chrysalis (Vittoria Girelli)
  • Dark Glow (Katarzyna Kozielska)
  • Dimora (Alessandro Giaquinto)
  • In Esisto (Vittoria Girelli): Corps
  • Instabile (Fabio Adorisio)
  • Messenger (Louis Stiens)
  • Reflection/s (Roman Novitzky)
  • REVOLT (Nanine Linning)
  • Salome (Demis Volpi)
  • Sonno Elefante (Alessandro Giaquinto)
  • Sospesi (Vittoria Girelli)
  • The Nutcracker (Edward Clug): fairy of the forest, butterfly
  • The Soldier’s Tale (Demis Volpi)

Specially created Roles at Noverre-Society: Young Choreographers
  • Ansia (Fabio Adorisio)
  • Demon Days (Fraser Roach)
  • Devenire anima (Aurora De Mori)
  • Entropy (Jessica Fyfe)
  • Sugar Rush (David Moore)

Corps de ballet Roles with the Stuttgart Ballet
  • A Streetcar named Desire (John Neumeier)
  • Aurora's Nap (Johan Inger)
  • Blake Works I (William Forsythe)
  • Don Quijote (Maximiliano Guerra)
  • Giselle (after Coralli, Perrot, Petipa)
  • Hikarizatto (Itzik Galili)
  • Initials R.B.M.E. (John Cranko)
  • Krabat (Demis Volpi)
  • L’Estro Armonico (John Cranko)
  • La fille mal gardée (Frederick Ashton)
  • Leonce and Lena (Christian Spuck)
  • Lulu. A Monstre Tragedy (Christian Spuck)
  • Mayerling (Kenneth MacMillan): Archduchess Gisela a.o.
  • Onegin (John Cranko)
  • Opus 1 (John Cranko)
  • Orphée et Euridice (Staging, Choreography: Christian Spuck)
  • Poème de l´Extase (John Cranko)
  • Requiem (Kenneth MacMillan)
  • Romeo and Juliet (John Cranko)
  • Seventh Symphony (Uwe Scholz)
  • Swan Lake (John Cranko)
  • Symphony in C (George Balanchine)
  • The Kingdom of the Shades, from La Bayadère (Natalia Makarova after Marius Petipa)
  • The Lady of the Camellias (John Neumeier)
  • The Sleeping Beauty (Marcia Haydée)
  • The Song of the Earth (Kenneth MacMillan)
  • The Taming of the Shrew (John Cranko)

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