Jason Reilly

Principal Dancer / Kammertänzer

Jason Reilly

Principal Dancer / Kammertänzer


Jason Reilly was born in Toronto, Canada, where he was trained at the National Ballet School Toronto. During his time as student he already danced in ballets such as The Nutcracker and Pastorale (both: James Kudelka), choreographers such as Glen Gilmour (in Boys Dance), John Neumeier (in Yondering) and David Nixon (in Sudden Impulse) created roles on him.

After his graduation in 1997 he joined the Stuttgart Ballet. In 2000/2001 he was promoted to Demi Soloist, one season later to Soloist. Since the season 2003/04 he has been dancing as Principal Dancer.

With the Stuttgart Ballet Jason Reilly has danced numerous major roles in full-length ballets by renowned choreographers.

Jason Reilly has joined the Stuttgart Ballet on tours and guest performances all around the world. When the Stuttgart Ballet went on it’s tour to the USA in 2003 he gained international acknowledgement for the male title role in John Cranko’s Romeo and Juliet. Furthermore he has danced with internationally renowned female dancers like Alessandra Ferri, Evelyn Hart and Greta Hodgkinson. In the new production of A Streetcar named Desire (John Neumeier) in 2004 he danced the role of Stanley Kowalsky together with Alessandra Ferri. When Canadian star ballerina Evelyn Hart retired from her 30-year-long career and wished to dance the part of Juliet for one last time in April 2004, she asked Jason Reilly to be her Romeo. She also chose him as her dancing partner when she bid farewell to the stage in 2006. In October of the same year, Jason Reilly gave several guest performances of Glen Tetleys Voluntaries with the Royal Ballet in London. In 2007, he danced the role of Petrucchio in John Cranko’s The Taming of the Shrew with the National Ballet of Canada starring Greta Hodgkinson as Kate.

Due to his outstanding interpretation of classical roles in combination with his expression and technical brilliance in modern ballets Jason Reilly was named in the category “Outstanding Dancer” in the annual critics’ choice of the magazine ballettanz several times. In February 2006 Jason Reilly received the German Dance Award “Future”, which is awarded each year by the German Association for Dance Education and the German Association for the Promotion of the Art of Dance. In August 2023 he has been named "Dancer of the Year" in the critics' poll for the 2022/2023 season by the renowned magazine Tanz.

In September 2015 he was awarded the national title of "Kammertänzer".
Jason Reilly
Photo Roman Novitzky
Romeo and Juliet
Ch.: John Cranko
D: Hyo-Jung Kang, Jason Reilly
Photo Stuttgarter Ballett
The Turning of the Shrew
Ch: John Cranko
D: Jason Reilly, Ensemble
Photo Stuttgarter Ballett
Ch: John Neumeier
D: Alicia Amatriain, Jason Reilly
Photo Stuttgarter Ballett
Mono Lisa
Ch: Itzik Galili
D: Jason Reilly
Photo Stuttgarter Ballett
Ch: Kevin O'Day
D: Jason Reilly
Photo Stuttgarter Ballett
Ch: John Cranko
D: Jason Reilly
Photo Stuttgarter Ballett
Ch: Maurice Béjart
D: Jason Reilly
Photo Stuttgarter Ballett
Le Sacre du Printemps
Ch: Glen Tetley
D: Anna Osadcenko, Jason Reilly
Photo Ulrich Beuttenmüller
The Sleeping Beauty
Ch: Marcia Haydée
D: Jason Reilly
Photo Ulrich Beuttenmüller


Leading Roles with the Stuttgart Ballet
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Jean Christophe Blavier)
  • A Streetcar named Desire (John Neumeier): Stanley Kowalski
  • Adagio Hammerklavier (Hans van Manen)
  • Afternoon of a Faun (Jerome Robbins)
  • Arena (Glen Tetley)
  • Bite (Katarzyna Kozielska)
  • Blake Works I (William Forsythe)
  • Bolero (Maurice Béjart): The Melody
  • Brouillards (John Cranko): Hommàge à S. Pickwick Esq., Des pas sur la neige
  • Carmen (John Cranko, new production: Reid Anderson and Georgette Tsinguirides): Torero
  • Dances at a Gathering (Jerome Robbins): Role in Crimson, Role in Brown
  • das siebte blau (Christian Spuck)
  • Don Quijote (Maximiliano Guerra): Basilio, Prince of the Gipsies
  • Don Quijote-Pas de deux (Maximiliano Guerra)
  • dreamdeepdown (Kevin O’Day)
  • Edward II (David Bintley): Gaveston
  • Fanfare LX (Douglas Lee)
  • Forgotten Land (Jirí Kylián): Couple in Black
  • Frank Bridge Variations (Hans van Manen)
  • Fratres (John Neumeier)
  • Gaîté parisienne (Maurice Béjart) : The Lovers
  • Giselle (Production: Reid Anderson, Valentina Savina): Albrecht, Peasant-Pas de deux
  • Grosse Fuge (Hans van Manen)
  • Hikarizatto (Itzik Galili)
  • Hommage à Bolshoi (John Cranko)
  • Initials R.M.B.E. (John Cranko): R, M
  • Kammerballett (Hans van Manen)
  • Kazimir’s Colours (Mauro Bigonzetti)
  • Kleines Requiem (Hans van Manen)
  • Krabat (Demis Volpi): Master
  • La fille mal gardée (Sir Frederick Ashton): Colas
  • La Sylphide (Peter Schaufuss): Friend, Pas de quatre
  • Las Hermanas (Sir Kenneth MacMillan): Pepe
  • Le sacre du printemps (Glen Tetley): Sacrifice, Pas de deux
  • Legende (John Cranko)
  • Lulu. A Monstre Tragedy (Christian Spuck): Dr. Franz Schöning, Jack the Ripper
  • Mayerling (Kenneth MacMillan): Croen Prince Rudolf
  • Mono Lisa (Itzik Galili)
  • My Way (Stephan Thoss)
  • No more play (Jiří Kylián)
  • One of a Kind (Jiří Kylián): male leading role
  • One to another (Douglas Lee)
  • Onegin (John Cranko): Onegin, Gremin
  • Opus 1 (John Cranko): male leading role
  • Orma (Mauro Bigonzetti)
  • Othello (John Neumeier): Othello
  • Out of Breath (Johan Inger)
  • Petite Mort (Jiří Kylián)
  • Pierrot lunaire (Glen Tetley): Brighella
  • Poème de l´Extase (John Cranko)
  • Présence (John Cranko): Roy
  • RED in 3. (Jorma Elo)
  • Requiem (Kenneth MacMillan): male leading role
  • Romeo and Juliet (John Cranko): Romeo, Benvolio, Carnival prince
  • Serenade (George Balanchine)
  • Seventh Symphony (Uwe Scholz): Solo
  • Slice to Sharp (Jorma Elo)
  • Songs of a wayfarer (Maurice Béjart)
  • Stravinsky Violin Conerto (George Balanchine)
  • Swan Lake (John Cranko): Prince Siegfried
  • Symph (Katarzyna Kozielska)
  • Symphony in C (George Balanchine): leading role 2nd and 3rd movement
  • The Cage (Jerome Robbins): Second Intruder
  • The four Temperaments (George Balanchine): Phlegmatic
  • The Lady and the Fool (John Cranko): Hussar
  • The Lady of the Camellias (John Neumeier): Arman Duval, Gaston Rieux, Des Grieux, Monsieur Duval
  • The second detail (William Forsythe)
  • The Sleeping Beauty (Márcia Haydée after Marius Petipa): Prince Desiré, Carabosse, The Blue Bird, Ali Baba, 4 Princes
  • The Song of the Earth (Kenneth MacMillan): the male leading role
  • The Taming of the Shrew (John Cranko): Petrucchio
  • The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude (William Forsythe)
  • Troy Game (Robert North)
  • Urlicht (William Forsythe)
  • Variations for two Couples (Hans van Manen)
  • Voluntaries (Glen Tetley): Pas de deux

Specially created Roles
  • ..., la peau blanche... (Christian Spuck): Henri IV
  • Boys Dance (Glen Gilmour)
  • Carlotta’s Portrait (Christian Spuck)
  • Curtain of Hands (Douglas Lee)
  • Das Fräulein von S. (Christian Spuck): La Regnie, president of the Chambre ardente
  • das siebte blau (Christian Spuck)
  • Deux (Katarzyna Kozielska)
  • dos amores (Christian Spuck)
  • E=mc2 (Jean Christophe Blavier)
  • Firebird (Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui)
  • Gambling, x 5 (Nicolo Fonte)
  • Hamlet (Kevin O’Day): Hamlet
  • I fratelli – The Brothers (Mauro Bigonzetti): Simone
  • Lamento (Andreas Heise)
  • Letters of Others (Bridget Breiner)
  • Lulu. A Monstre Tragedy (Christian Spuck): Rodrigo
  • Messenger (Louis Stiens): solo role
  • melodious gimmick to keep the boys in line (Marc Spradling)
  • Nautilus (Wayne McGregor)
  • nocturne (Christian Spuck)
  • Or Noir (Fabio Adorisio)
  • Orma (Mauro Bigonzetti)
  • Paper Scissors Stone (Daniela Kurz)
  • Passacaglia (Christian Spuck)
  • Quattro Danze per Nino (Mauro Bigonzetti)
  • RED in 3. (Jorma Elo)
  • Siren Sounding (Douglas Lee)
  • Sleepers Chamber (Christian Spuck)
  • Songs (Christian Spuck)
  • still.nest (Dominique Dumais)
  • Sudden Impulse (David Nixon)
  • Sweet Sweet Sweet (Marco Goecke)
  • Take Your Pleasure Seriously (Katarzyna Kozielska)
  • The Chambers of a Heart (Itzik Galili)
  • The Nutcracker (Edward Clug): Drosselmeier
  • The Sandman (Christian Spuck): Coppola
  • The Shaking Tent (Marc Spradling)
  • Yantra (Wayne McGregor)
  • Yondering (John Neumeier)

Specially created Roles at Noverre-Society: Young Choreographers
  • After Rains and Dreams (Paul Julius)
  • Air Guitar (Eric Gauthier)
  • amores 1 (Christian Spuck)
  • Ballet 101 (Eric Gauthier)
  • Blankets of clouds (Rolando D’Alesio)
  • David’s Law (Alejandro Cerrudo Martinez)
  • Demigods (Marco Goecke)
  • Ein Licht in der Dunkelheit (Yoko Tani)
  • Fortuna (Selatin Kara)
  • Lebenszeit (Eric Gauthier)
  • Nachtstück (Andreas Heise)
  • Slipped by (Kinsun Chan)
  • Step Addition (Sébastien Galtier)
  • Vapour Plains (Evan McKie)
  • Who stays lasts (Guillaume Hulot)

Further Roles with the Stuttgart Ballet
  • Ashes (Daniela Kurz)
  • Vers un Pays Sage (Jean Christophe Maillot)