Putin's attack on Ukraine is a shocking violation of the hard won peace in Europe of the last decades.

It is European soil on which people currently fear for their lives and safety and are dying by force of arms. We are stunned and dismayed by the images of destroyed homes, crowds of people seeking shelter in Kiev's subway tunnels, and tens of thousands fleeing to find help and shelter in neighboring countries. Our thoughts are with these fellow Europeans.

The State Theatre Stuttgart stands in solidarity with all citizens of Ukraine who are fighting for the independence of their democratic state and their freedom. Our solidarity also goes out to the demonstrators on the streets of Moscow and other Russian cities who are risking arrest to send a signal against the war.

The employees of the State Theatre Stuttgart have decided to help in the form of a donation to the Ukrainians in need at this time. We would like to encourage our audience to join in this effort during performances in the opera house and playhouse, starting this coming weekend. A direct donation to various aid organizations is, of course, also possible at any time.