Book presentation: John Cranko: Tanzvisionär

Book presentation: John Cranko: Tanzvisionär

October 22, 2023 at the Opera House
50 years after his death, the Stuttgart Ballet together with Seemann Henschel Verlag is publishing a new book about John Cranko. At this book presentation, the three authors Petra Olschowski, Julia Lutzeyer and Angela Reinhardt will provide information about the genesis, the concept and the work on this new publication. They will be joined by other guests.

At the heart of the book are 19 contemporary witness accounts of the man and choreographer John Cranko. From dance celebrities such as Marcia Haydée, Richard Cragun, Birgit Keil and Egon Madsen to choreographic greats such as John Neumeier and Jiři Kylián, from performers such as Jürgen Rose and Dorothee Zippel to fellow dancers such as Dieter Gräfe, Peter Wright and Fritz Höver, from the feared British critic Clement Crisp to the friend who gave Cranko his brief love affair: All describe their view of the man who not only shaped ballet in Stuttgart and Germany, but also fundamentally changed and shaped their lives. In addition, there is a comprehensive biography, an essay on Cranko's legacy, and a detailed, extensive catalog raisonné. Forty years after John Percival's now out-of-print biography, John Cranko: Tanzvisionär creates an updated, new picture of this extraordinary artist, whose short, eventful life and unforgettable oeuvre continues to move people today.

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