Matteo Miccini

Demi Soloist

Matteo Miccini

Demi Soloist


Matteo Miccini was born in Florence, Italy. He received his initial ballet education at the Ballet Centre Florence. In 2010 he continued his education at the John Cranko Schule, from which he graduated in 2015. During his education he won prizes at different competitions such as the Premio Internazionale Cartagine 2010, the first prize at the Anna Pavlova Competition, the first prize at the Eurocity and the second prize at the Tanzolymp Berlin.

In October 2018 Matteo Miccini was awarded with the prize “Premio danza per la vita” during the benefit gala of the ANT Foundation in Florence. In the category “Best Italian Dancer abroad” he won the prize „Premio Internazionale ApuliArte 2019“ (March 2019) as well as the „Premio MADSS” in Salerno (November 2019). In January 2020 he won the „Premio Danza&Danza” as “best Italian interpreter abroad”. In October 2020 he won the award for “Emerging Italian Dancer on the International Dance Scene” at the “Premio nazionale per la danza” in Padova, Italy. In the 2020 Critics' Choice of the magazine Dance Europe he was named in the category "Name to watch".

In the 2015/16 season he became an apprentice with the Stuttgart Ballet; one season later he was taken in the Corps de ballet. At the beginning of the 2020/21 season he will be promoted to Demi Soloist.

Photo Carlos Quezada


Solo Roles with the Stuttgart Ballet
  • Are you as big as me? (Roman Novitzky)
  • Blake Works I (William Forsythe)
  • Brouillards (John Cranko): Général Lavine Eccentric
  • Dances at a gathering (Jerome Robbins): Role in Brick
  • Daydreamers (Edward Clug)
  • Death in Venice (Staging, Choreography: Demis Volpi): Apollon
  • Don Quijote (Maximiliano Guerra) : Gypsy Couple (double of Basilio)
  • Initials R.B.M.E. (John Cranko): Solo role in E.
  • IT.FLOPPY.RABBIT (Katarzyna Kozielska)
  • Jeu de Cartes (John Cranko): Suite of hearts
  • Kaash (Akram Khan)
  • La fille mal gardée (Frederick Ashton): Alain, Flute boy
  • Le Spectre de la Rose (Marco Goecke)
  • Lucid Dream (Marco Goecke)
  • Lulu. A Monstre Tragedy (Christian Spuck): Second client
  • Mayerling (Kenneth MacMillan): Bratfisch, Hungarian officer
  • One of a Kind (Jiří Kylián)
  • Pas de trois from: Big Blur (Demis Volpi)
  • Petite Mort (Jiří Kylián)
  • Romeo and Juliet (John Cranko): Benvolio, carnival
  • Salome (Demis Volpi): The young Syrian
  • Ssss... (Edward Clug): Solo
  • Symphony in C (George Balanchine): leading role 4th movement, solo role 4th movement, finale: leading role 3rd movement
  • The Lady of the Camellias (John Neumeier): Des Grieux
  • The Sleeping Beauty (Marcia Haydée after Petipa): Blue Bird, Prince of the South, Cavalier
  • The Taming of the Shrew (John Cranko): Petrucchio’s servant

Specially created Roles
  • Almost Blue (Marco Goecke)
  • Cassiopeia's Garden (Christian Spuck)
  • Chrysalis (Vittoria Girelli)
  • Einssein (Mauro Bigonzetti)
  • Impuls (Roman Novitzky)
  • Naiad (Douglas Lee)
  • Qi (Louis Stiens)
  • REVOLT (Nanine Linning)
  • SAP (Louis Stiens)
  • Sonno Elefante (Alessandro Giaquinto)
  • Taiyō to Tsuki (Martin Schläpfer)
  • Umarmung (Fabio Adorisio)
  • Under the Surface (Roman Novitzky)

Specially created Roles at Noverre-Society: Young Choreographers
  • Bridges (David Moore)
  • Cello contra bass (Roman Novitzky)
  • Sugar Rush (David Moore)
  • Trying to breathe (revised version) (Lucyna Zwolinska)

Corps de ballet Roles with the Stuttgart Ballet
  • A Streetcar named Desire (John Neumeier)
  • Boléro (Maurice Béjart)
  • Brouillards (John Cranko)
  • Concerto for Flute and Harp (John Cranko)
  • Dark Glow (Katarzyna Kozielska)
  • La fille mal gardée (Frederick Ashton)
  • Lulu. A Monstre Tragedy (Christian Spuck)
  • Mayerling (Kenneth MacMillan)
  • Neurons (Katarzyna Kozielska)
  • Onegin (John Cranko)
  • Part of: melodious gimmick to keep the boys in line (Marc Spradling)
  • Swan Lake (John Cranko)
  • The Lady and the Fool (John Cranko)
  • The Lady of the Camellias (John Neumeier)
  • The Seventh Symphony (Uwe Scholz)
  • The Sleeping Beauty (Marcia Haydée after Marius Petipa)

Own Choreographies

What we've been telling you. (Choreography with Marijn Rademaker) World Premiere at Noverre: Young Choreorgaphers on June 5, 2019, Stuttgart Ballet